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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • Left Total Knee

“I had a left total knee last year and I absolutely appreciate the professionalism and compassion I received from Dr. Mittal and his entire team. I have rare auto immune disease and was nervous about surgery and after care but throughout the entire process Dr. Mittal or his team was there to answer any questions. My knee is doing amazing and it has improved my quality of life. I would and do highly recommend Dr. Mittal and his team to everyone. ”

Linda Putze

  • Left knee replacement

“July of 2020 I had my knee replaced by Dr Mittal. The same day I was up and walking. Within a couple few days the pain was minimal. I would not go anywhere else to have this done. If I need my right knee done definitely Dr Mittal is the only one surgeon I would trust. I am so glad he is located near me in Tula!!! ”

Terry Miller

  • stem cell injection for my hip

“Dr, Mittal gave me a regenerative stem cell injection into my hip. Doing well after one year now, ”


  • Stem Cell Therapy

“I was looking through Oklahoma Magazine and saw an article by Dr Mittal on stem cell therapy. I had meniscus tears repaired but was never pain-free, so after researching I met wit Dr Mittal to discuss it and he felt it was what I needed. The procedure was over quickly with no pain and I walked back to the exam room on my own. Each week post-procedure I was progressively better and after 5 months I have NO pain. ”

stu graham

  • Left knee athroscopic meniscus repair

“Just wanted to thank Dr Mittal for having the desire and talent to perform surgeries such as mine. He fixed a torn meniscus in my left knee yesterday and it took less than an hour. The staff at Core in Jenks were very pleasant, very professional and caring. As one who has felt many botched attempts at inserting an IV portal, I can say the RN who did it this time took 15 seconds, which might not win a steer wrestling buckle, but she was definitely a champion in my books. Today I am basically pain free and although not ready to attempt a marathon, truthfully I never was, I can carefully get around. I expect one hundred percent healing, and again I say thank you to Dr Mittal and his staff, they are awesome folks. God bless your team.”

Connie Musgrave

  • Total knee replacement
Connie Musgrave's photo

“I did NOT want to even discuss knee surgery. I tried every option there was. Then, my PCP told me about his knee replacement and his phenomenal doctor, Dr. Mittal. Then, another doctor I trust told me ONLY to use Dr. Mittal. So, I gave in. I met with him. WOW. He didn't pull any punches. Surgery was scheduled. BEST thing I ever did short of having my 2 children. It's been over a year. I am back to detailing cars at our detail shop, better then I have done in years. I can get in the floor and play with my grand baby, and THE BEST part is I can walk at my fast break speed like I haven't done in years!!!!!! I'm 57 years old, going on 21. Life couldn't be better thanks to Dr. Mittal. ”

Tami M

  • Knee Replacements

“Dr. Mittal is the Best! He has replaced both of my knees and I am very happy. I have recommended him to numerous people and they have all been happy as well. He's the best! ”

Shellie T

  • Total Hip Replacement

“I'm 2 years out from a total hip replacement! I have had zero problems and I am thrilled to say I am also pain free. I highly recommend Dr Mittal.”

Jack Remington

  • Both knees

“Dr. Mittal does outstanding work and replacement of both knees. The office has a great staff. It's great to have a Doctor that really cares about you!”

Jeannie L

  • Stem Cell Therapy

“I originally hurt my right knee when I fell and landed on it. My primary care physician advised me it would hurt for a long time and as the years passed it became worse. I tried steroid shots a few times but they made me feel bad. One day I was talking with a friend about my knee pain and she told me a friend of hers had stem cell therapy with Dr. Mittal and was doing well. My husband and I did some research and I decided to call Dr. Mittal's office. The staff was friendly and answered all of my questions and sent me home with brochures explaining the procedure. The day of the procedure went great and his staff called and checked on me later that afternoon.

Before the procedure, I was starting to fall and was afraid to carry my grandchildren. Visiting family and friends was a chore and I was having difficulty caring for my mother who has Alzheimer's. A trip to the airport was impossible as I hurried to make connections.

It's been a 2 years since my procedure and I can shop, visit friends and family, travel and enjoy dancing with my husband!”

Jim F.

  • Full knee replacement

“Dr. Mittal performed a full knee replacement on 12/28/2017 which was a huge success. Last Friday, August 17th 2018, I was able to hike a mountain in Crestone Colorado with complete confidence and strength like I had not had in many years! in only 232 days I was able to take an 8 mile difficult rated hike! Awesome and thanks! Jim F. ”


  • Stem Cell Therapy

“I received a stem cell injection by Dr. Mittal in my knee and the result has been miraculous. I was able to return to my job as a flight attendant in March. My first trip back after 3 years off, I walked 8 miles in Paris and was not in pain at all. I was stunned and so thankful! I am telling everyone what an amazing procedure stem cell injection can be & also referring them to Dr. Mittal.”

Michelle Farabough

  • total hip replacement
Michelle Farabough's photo

“My hip replacement has been nothing short of miraculous! If I could give Dr. Mittal 100 stars out of 5 stars, I would. I whole heartedly recommend him! My surgery was two weeks ago, and I've not experienced any complications or pain. I am already walking without the aid of a cane and even doing wall-supported squats and side-to-side steps during my home health physical therapy appointments. The bandages came off this morning, and my scar looks fantastic.

I know that recovery is an individual thing, and mine has been simply amazing! I owe my success to following Dr. Mittal's orders before and after surgery. Before surgery, he encouraged me to lose 50 pounds. I did so on the Ideal Protein high protein, low carb diet. He was visibly pleased when he saw my success and acknowledged my accomplishment with an affirmative handshake during my first follow-up appointment. At that time, he suggested that my recovery time would be faster than "typical," and it has been. I was off my blood pressure medicine prior to surgery and "feeling" much healthier, except for my hip. My symptoms had started 10 years ago, and the pain/instability/stiffness was to the point I could barely walk. I hadn't been able to put on socks/lace-up shoes for nearly two years or walk up steps leading with my bad leg for the past year.

After surgery, I followed my medication and physical therapy/exercise regimen, slept/sat with a pillow between my legs, iced my hip area often throughout the day, and returned to my healthy eating plan. The flexibility in my hip area is good, and I am already experiencing an active life that I haven't experienced in nearly a decade. I wish I would have had the surgery years ago!!!

If you are contemplating total hip replacement, I suggest that you use Dr. Mittal. He is regularly recognized as one of-if not THE best orthopedic surgeons in the state of Oklahoma.

Becca D.

  • Partial Knee Replacement

“Dr, Mittal did my partial knee replacement on April 13th, 2017. Eight days after surgery, I was up walking without my walker and had full range of motion. Note that I am also 34 and recovery is different for everyone. Also, I will have minimal scarring thanks to him. I am very pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Mittal for giving me my life back. I owe you one. :)”

Bob Gibson

  • Hip replacement

“Dr. Mittal was direct and to the point about needing my hip replaced. He has a no nonsense approach, get er done! I would give him as many stars as possible. After two weeks of physical therapy I'm walking with and without a cane and climbing stairs. I was told he is the best in Tulsa and I whole heartedly agree.”